Parental Input and Intelligence Quotient as Correlates of Secondary School Students Achievement in Biology

PATRICK, U. OSADEBE (Ph.D.), IFUKOR, Chukunalu Wisdom


This study investigated the influence of parental input and intelligent quotient on secondary school students’ achievement in Biology. The study was guided by four research questions and four hypotheses. This study employed a survey research design. A sample of 500 students was used for the study using the stratified sampling and simple random technique. The instrument that was employed in this study is intelligent quotient test and parental input questionnaire, which were adequately validated. The regression method of data analysis was employed. The study revealed that there was a significant relationship between intelligence quotient, parental input and academic achievement of senior secondary school students in Biology. It was recommended that Parents should spend more time to check their children’s books to see what they are doing in schools and that Parents should be in contact with teachers who on daily basis are in position to guide the children.

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