Thoughts and Targeted Initiatives for the Nurturing of Youth Football Reserve Talents in China

Feiyang Liu, Zerui Liu, Jingying Li, Liya Guo


In order to strengthen the foundation for the cultivation of Chinese youth football reserve talents, a systematic review of the current ideas on the development of Chinese youth football reserve talents is conducted, and based on this, a targeted response is derived from it. The study concludes that the cultivation of Chinese youth football reserve talents should be based on the country and the world in a hierarchical and directional manner, with emphasis on the integration of the excellent Chinese traditional culture at the primary school level and the absorption of outstanding foreign achievements and experience at the secondary school level, and the promotion of three types of policy tools, namely the supply side, the demand side and the environment side, to form a protective synergy for the cultivation of youth football reserve talents, so as to build an effective and long-term development strategy that will benefit the present and the future. The aim is to speed up the construction of a reserve pool of Chinese youth football talents, improve the international competitiveness and influence of Chinese football, and contribute to the early realisation of the Chinese football dream.

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