Influence of Vignettes Constructions on Ethical Decision among Business Education Students

Prisca Mary Oluoch, Paul Amollo Odundo


Vignettes adoption as an experiential learning approach such provides educational experiences that could shape ethical sensitivity among learners. This study was focused at establishing the influence of vignettes construction on ethical decision-making among business education students. A sample of 20 students from a target population provided information through filling questionnaires which was then analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study adopted constructivism learning theory, the study findings indicated that simulated vignettes (94.1%) influence ethical decision making; abridge (76.5%), truncated (81.3%), anchored (94.1%) and scaffold vignettes (93.8%). The study recommended that universities and institutions training teachers should consider adoption vignettes as an instructional approach teaching subject methods; business education teachers to adopt in business education methods and other subject areas. On practice, the study recommended vignettes as an instructional tool enhance effectiveness and focus; and more studies on the extent business education teachers have adopted vignettes in the field.

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