Using Knowledge Sketching Strategy to Increase Ability in Solving the Multi-Concept Physics Problem

Helmi Abdullah


One of the fundamental problems for the college students is not being able to solve the multi-concept physics problems. The reason is that the problem solving strategies is limited to known-asked strategy (traditional strategy). Though this strategy can only be used to solve the problems of mono-concept physics. Therefore, this research on the use of knowledge sketching strategy as an alternative to help students to solve multi-concept physics problems is conducted. This study used single-group pretest-posttest design” with treatment in the form of sketch knowledge strategy. The results showed that the average students’ pretest score (n = 23) was 3.61 and the mean posttest score was 7.65. This indicates an increase in the average score of 4.04 after being treated. These results show that knowledge sketching strategy have an advantage in improving the ability to solve multi-concept physics problems compared to the known-asked strategy.

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