Research on Rural Tourism Product Development from the Perspective of Education—A Case Study of Huangu Town, Ziyang County, Shaanxi Province

Yike Zhao


Nowadays, the rapid development of rural tourism for the economic development of rural areas. However, with the trend of increasingly diversified, personalized and experiential tourism demands of tourists, rural tourism products have different degrees of “lag” in resource development, business philosophy, service level and other links. At the same time, educational tourism, as a new form of special tourism, is favored by the tourism market, but it also faces “bottleneck” problems such as shortage of tourism resources and single form of activities. This paper tries to combine rural tourism with educational tourism from the perspective of education. Starting from the idea that educational tourism develops in rural areas to excavate the cultural connotation of rural tourism resources and improve the product level, this paper studies the development of rural educational tourism products under the background of experience economy. And through the empirical study of Huangu Town area in Shaanxi Province to demonstrate and guide the development effect of rural educational tourism products in concrete practice.

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