The Question of Environmental Illiteracy in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis and Response

Caroline L. Eheazu, Ph.D.


The challenge of widespread and virtually endemic backwardness and poverty among African nations has been traced to the mismanagement of the Continent’s environment and the resources therein. The genesis of the mismanagement has also been traced to the general prevalence of environmental illiteracy/ignorance all over the continent. The purpose of this paper is to address the question of the extent of the prevalence of the Environmental Illiteracy (EI) Syndrome in Nigeria. Using the findings of four relevant empirical studies and documented practical manifestations of EI by rural dwellers, urban inhabitants and industrial entrepreneurs in Nigeria, the paper has analyzed the established massive prevalence of the syndrome and has recommended, as a response, provision of Formal, Non-Formal and Informal modes of Mass Environmental Literacy Education (MELE) for the citizenry of Nigeria.

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