Towards the Fairest Teacher Evaluation Model

Srinivasa Rao Idapalapati


This study examines the fairness and reliability of the current teacher evaluation models as they are reflected in the existent literature of evaluation methods. The required data for the study are gathered from online sources. Twenty-five scholarly works on the current evaluation methods are considered for the study after a careful examination of about hundred relevant works. A qualitative analysis of the data gathered is done in light of cognitive bias theory in order to find out the major strengths and drawbacks in the models. The strengths and the drawbacks in the existent models are codified separately in the order of their occurrence in the chosen articles and brought all of them under two criteria of strengths and three criteria of drawbacks. The final set of strengths and drawbacks were analyzed quantitatively to draw inferences that are used in making recommendations for creating fairer, reliable and efficient teacher evaluation models.

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