Correlates of Mathematics Performance of Students in Public Secondary Schools in the Division of Batangas, Philippines: Basis for Mathematics Intervention Programs

Imelda M. Flores


The study determined the correlates affecting the Mathematics performance of Junior High students in selected public secondary school in the Division of Batangas, Philippines which served as basis for the proposed Mathematics intervention programs to enhance students’ performance in Mathematics. It looked into the scholastic standing of students as shown in their grade in Elementary Mathematics and grade in Geometry. Further, it also determined the extent of effect of the four correlates which includes; study habits, attitude towards Mathematics, fear and anxiety, and parental involvement to the Mathematics performance of students. Furthermore, it also identified which of the aforementioned correlates determines their performance. The researcher used the descriptive method of research using probability sampling technique to identify the respondents of the study. There were 379 students who participated in the survey. Result of the study revealed that most of the students are approaching proficient level relative to their elementary mathematics grade, and on the beginning level in geometry. It was also found out that all the four correlates affected the Mathematics performance of students to a great extent. Moreover, it was revealed that study habits, fear/anxiety level and parental involvement determined their elementary Mathematics and Geometry performance. In light of the forgoing, the Mathematics intervention programs are believed to help teach the right attitude and study habits required to do well in enhancing mathematics learning.

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