Greek Primary School Teachers’ Reported Practices Concerning the Implementation of Culturally Responsive Teaching: The Culturally Responsive Practices Questionnaire (CRPQ)

Effie Penderi, Evdokia Kokouvinou


The purpose of this study was to examine Greek primary school teachers’ reported practices regarding culturally responsive teaching. A questionnaire with 29 items was constructed, based on a number of relevant international research tools. Participants were 187 primary school teachers, in Northern Greece. Exploratory factor analysis revealed three psychometrically robust factors, Utilization of students’ cultural capital, Development of culturally responsive learning environments and Collaboration with parents and differentiated teaching. Items with the highest mean score seemed to focus on the promotion of trust and respect among students, while those with the lowest score regarded mainly the use of students’ diverse cultural heritage in the classroom. Relevant training, experience with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and urbanity were the background variables that seemed to have some relation to certain aspects of culturally responsive teaching reported practices.

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