The Exploration on Ideological Political Education of College Students in the New Media Era

Yang Lu


The new media with powerful communication function has a profound influence on the development of the society, and at the same time brings a new situation to the ideological and political education of college students. On the one hand, the new media provides more abundant resources and broader platform for ideological and political education of college students; On the other hand, the intermingled mass of information on the Internet seriously affects and interferes with that. Therefore, to make the traditional ideological and political education conform to the trend of the times and to innovate it effectively and practically is an important issue worthy of our attention. This paper starts with the positive and negative effects of the new media age on college students’ ideological and political education, and actively seeks countermeasures from three aspects: educators, students and colleges and universities. It is committed to promoting the comprehensive and coordinated development of college students in the information age.

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