Justice Monologues in War Films on Anti-Terrorism—Taking DagII As an Example

Jiyang JIANG


In a broad sense, anti-terrorism war films have always been closely related to the “anti-war spirit”, emphasizing how the war honed and devastated the humanity, and considering that anti-terrorism war is an unnecessary war. However, on the basis of ethnic relations and historical factors, Turkey’s anti-terrorism war films brought forward a unique view, and it has gradually received more attention. This thesis will take the anti-terrorism movie Da? II as an example, briefly analyze the unique expression of Turkey’s anti-terrorism war films’ positive attitude to the anti-terrorism war as well as the aesthetic presentation in the field of art and aesthetics from three aspects: the historical background of Turkey’s anti-terrorism war films, the construction of characters and visual appreciation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjer.v6n2p290


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