The Islamic Values Implemented in the English Language Syllabuses for the First Three Grades in Jordan

Dr. Mohammad Dayij Suleiman Al.qomoul


The study aimed at investigating the Islamic values basically (faith, worship, moral, and social) that could be implemented in the English language syllabuses of the first three grades in Jordan. The researcher revised those three syllabuses and found some fundamental Islamic values which affect the students’ behavior. “Words, phrases and sentences” are taken as original units for analysis and investigations. The subject of the study consisted of all the English language textbooks (Student’s Books and Activity Books) of the first three grades in Jordan. The sample of the study is the subject of the study itself, since the researcher analyzes all the English language books for the three primary grades in Jordan. The selected values are important in realization of goals and behaviors of learning, in general and in learning English as a foreign language, in particular. For values have the power of developing personality, which in turn, makes learning more effective and permanent. The findings of the study show that some fundamental Islamic values were implemented in these textbooks with some variation from one grade to another and some others are totally absent as shown in the Tables (1-5). Based on the findings of the study, the researcher attempts to figure out some remarkable suggestions and recommendations.

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