How Universities Use Alumni Resources to Help Students’ Growth: China Perspective

Xiaohua Ning


As an important force of social cooperative education in colleges and universities, alumni are not only the embodiment of high school achievements, but also an important educational resource in colleges and universities. By grasping the advantages of alumni as educational resources, alumni education should be carried out throughout the whole process of alumni work, and the concept of “all staff, all process, all aspects, all society and all heart” service for students and prospective alumni should be established. A high-quality alumni education team should be established, rich alumni education programs should be developed, key alumni education fields should be focused, intensive alumni education resources should be expanded, and a win-win cooperation mode between universities and alumni should be established. Taking the initiative to transform the advantages of alumni resources accumulated over a long period of time into the advantages of continuously improving the quality of personnel training, providing a solid social foundation for the school’s education work.

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