Implementation of Support Programs for Life Long Educational Inclusion of Students with Special Needs

Feng -Xia, Yuzhen -Xu, Li -Jiang


With the implementation of inclusive education, students with special needs, such as learning disabilities, emotional & behavioral disorders, speech & language disabilities, autism, and gifted children, are in need of professional support. In the future, inclusive education will focus on compulsory education and continuously extend to early intervention and eldly service until lifelong education. Based on the overall education goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development issued by the United Nations Development Summit, Shanghai Changning District has carried out a practical exploration from mainstreaming to lifelong inclusive education, with the concept of “universal, inclusive and lifelong”, has developed and implemented support programs, providing “group”, “categories” and “individual” support for school-age, preschool and post-school-age students with special needs, developed and implemented 37 transition service programs including five stages: from home to kinder garden, from kindergarten to primary school, from primary school to junior middle school, from junior middle school to special vocational school; after special vocational school.

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