International Student Policy in Canada: A Critical Analysis

Xiaobin Li


This study is a critical analysis of Canadian policies on international students and these students’ experiences in Canada. The author has carefully reviewed the relevant literature and has reached a conclusion based on the literature that Canadian international education has developed significantly in the last half century with the annual arriving international students increasing substantially. This increase has served the interests of Canada well and most international students find their experiences of receiving Canadian education positive. They have become an important source of new immigrants. For good reasons Canada is considered one of the favourite destinations for international students. But when they attempt to integrate into the society and when they attempt to join the labour force, particularly in their studied field, there have been challenges. The author also discusses the implications of the Canadian policies on international students. In addition, the author offers a few recommendations on how to improve the policies and the experiences of international students in Canada, particularly for those who decide to remain here after the completion of their study.

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