The Construction of Designers’ Visual Design Thinking in the Visual Communication Design Perspective

Xu YingJun


With the continuous development of our country’s modernisation process and the continuous development of education, the education of design talents is getting more and more attention from people, the era of design as a “secondary subject” in schools has ended, modern people have recognised that the world of design is a world of infinite wonders, and that some design experience is an indispensable element for enriching people’s lives, and design is related to the deepest things in human nature. Design is closely related to the deepest part of human nature. As an important part of the design field, visual communication design is not only an education of design techniques as traditionally believed, but also a complex systematic project to develop wisdom. It is not possible to improve one’s design quality with only a little bit of technique. In addition to mastering design technique, we must also be familiar with the development history of design and its development prospect, have the ability to appreciate design and have insight into design, and fully explore one’s own visual thinking, so as to make one’s own design thinking more active. Visual thinking is a novel concept. This ability is inherent in us, and for designers of visual communication design, the cultivation of visual thinking should be richer and more diversified. But to engage in design through this ability requires special training.

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