Research on the Formulation and Implementation of Development Plans for Primary and Secondary Schools

Shuo Yan


The formulation and implementation of development plans for primary and secondary schools is an important task to ensure that schools can adapt to the constantly changing educational environment, provide high-quality education, and meet the needs of students. With the continuous promotion of education reform and the increasing demand for school development, the formulation and implementation of school development plans have become particularly crucial. This study explores the process of formulating and implementing development plans for primary and secondary schools. In addition, it will also explore the future trends and challenges faced by primary and secondary school planning, such as the future direction of educational policies and planning, the role of technology and innovation in planning, the challenges of social change and diversification, and sustainable development and environmental factors. The research aims to provide useful references and suggestions for planners and decision-makers in primary and secondary schools, in order to promote sustainable development of schools and improve educational quality.

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