Insider Views and Practices of Translanguaging Classrooms in Early Childhood Education

Isaak M. Papadopoulos, Pieter S. Jansen


This study, situated within the domain of language education, delves into the intricate dynamics of translanguaging practices and their profound influence on learning and teaching procedures in a linguistically and culturally enriched early childhood education environment. Focused on the context of Greece, the research aims to uncover the nuanced ways in which translanguaging shapes the language communication and interaction of four-year-old children, considering both native Greek speakers and their peers from migrant or refugee backgrounds. The study cohort consists of 50 children aged four, comprising both native Greek and migrant-background children attending early childhood education. Employing a comprehensive research approach, the study includes in-depth, semi-structured interview sessions with young children and specific observational protocols designed to capture authentic interactions and communications. These methods are employed to trace the development of intercultural awareness and sensitivity within an environment conducive to translanguaging. The findings highlight that the incorporation of translanguaging practices in early education settings not only refines communication and intercultural skills among young children but also significantly influences cultural awareness. Moreover, translanguaging fosters active engagement in learning activities and provides educators with valuable insights and support in implementing innovative language teaching techniques. This research contributes to the advancement of language education practices, particularly within linguistically and culturally diverse early childhood education contexts, emphasizing the transformative impact of translanguaging on crucial aspects of language learning and teaching.

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