Strategies for Developing Pre-Employment Adaptability from a High-Quality Employment Perspective: An Analysis of College Students' Job Preparation Behaviors

Baiyan Du, Xu Li, Siyu Liu, Yuege Lai


This study surveyed the job preparation behaviors of 210 college students and proposed strategies for job preparation behaviors that college students need to adapt to before entering the workplace. The results indicate that the overall level of students' job preparation behaviors is moderately average (M=3.07). Among the sub-factors of goal achievement behaviors, tool preparation behaviors, and information gathering behaviors, goal achievement behaviors scored the highest (M=3.14). Male students had higher scores in information gathering and tool preparation behaviors than female students; senior students outperformed junior students in information gathering; and students in science and engineering majors scored higher in information gathering and tool preparation behaviors than those in humanities and social sciences. The findings of this study have practical significance for optimizing and improving employment planning education in higher education and provide a foundational reference for research in high-quality employment, employment equality, and industry-education integration.

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