Research on the Application of Visual Form in Space Design in Digital Media Art

Mingde Lu


Under the background of the prevailing visual culture, the role of visual communication design is becoming increasingly prominent, and its importance cannot be ignored. With the continuous development of science and technology, digital media technology has become an important support for graphic design (that is, visual communication design), and its application scope has expanded from traditional print media to network media. With digital technology as the core, network media has had a profound impact on the method and thinking mode of visual communication design. This influence is not only reflected in the expansion of the design from two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional space, but also includes the integration of time and motion elements into the visual composition, making the design content and layout from static to dynamic and interactive direction. In such a design environment, the design forms that can provide rich visual stimulation and aesthetic experience have received extensive attention and research. This paper aims to deeply explore the spatial visual form in digital media art design from the perspective of visual perception, and comprehensively analyze and elaborate the construction methods of three-dimensional space, four-dimensional space and surreal multi-dimensional space.

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