Exploring the Practice of Ideological and Political Theories teaching in Journalism Courses in the Era of Smart Media

Wenxuan Zhu


With the wave of informationisation and intelligence sweeping the world today, smart media is profoundly changing the face of the news industry with its powerful data integration capability, personalised information pushing method and instant interactive communication mechanism. News is not only a medium of information transmission but also an important force in shaping social opinion and leading value orientation. Therefore, in the era of smart media, the teaching content and methods of journalism courses need to keep pace with the times in order to better cultivate journalism talents who can meet the needs of the times. This paper describes the intrinsic connection between journalism courses and civic education, analyses the significance of the integration of journalism courses and civic education in the era of smart media, and explores the integration path to provide more reference for cultivating more excellent journalism talents.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjer.v11n3p88


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