Exploration of the Reform of Blended Teaching in Digital Electronic Technology under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

Zhengyu Duan


Against the backdrop of the Ministry of Education's active promotion of Emerging Engineering Education (E3), this paper proposes ideas and measures for the reform of digital electronic technology teaching from the perspective of talent cultivation to meet society's new expectations for talent development. The goal is to cultivate students' comprehensive qualities, enhance their engineering practice and innovation abilities, and promote the healthy development of teaching. Addressing current issues in digital electronic technology experimental teaching, such as outdated teaching methods, monotonous content, and incomplete and subjective evaluations, this paper advocates for a blended teaching model as the direction for reform. The aim is to effectively strengthen teachers' real-time monitoring of students' learning situations and process guidance in practice, stimulate students' enthusiasm and initiative in learning, improve classroom participation in experimental courses, and conduct teaching evaluations more scientifically and accurately.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjer.v11n3p102


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