The Main Body and Legal Basis of American Graduate Degree Awarding Authority

Zhaohui Yang, Haiyan Li


The right to confer postgraduate degrees is involved a key measure to universities and its students. Nations in the world pay a very high attention to postgraduate education and play it core role. As we known, U.S. has rich resources and great influences in the field of higher education worldwide. And there are many students from all over the world to enroll American universities to study for master or doctor degree. Although the degree is divided into curriculum and paper degree, the quality of both are strictly regulated and guaranteed in the United States. The main body has become different types of universities and diversity pattern in the course of developing. The right to award degree was struggled by universities in the development of history, and it is a part of its charter. In the process, the legitimacy of awarding degree gradually was established. As so far, it is known as an important measure for the development of universities and students. There are different bodies of the right to grant graduate degrees in American universities, and the methods of obtaining graduate degrees are also different. How to ensure that the right to confer university degrees is not affected by the government and its actions? This paper will explicit from the point view of legal basis.

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