Sexual Violence. Inadequate Reporting of a Silent Scourge in Secondary Schools in Cameroon

Abraham Tamukum Tangwe


The paper examined how boys and girls are affected by sexual violence in relation to their learning and foxed out of the study, how the learning of students is affected in schools by violence in Cameroon. Sexual violence is more often than not, linked to the female gender with the males always almost forgotten. The essence of the study is to investigate the effects of sexual violence on the learning abilities of students of both sexes in schools in the framework of global learning and in Cameroon. The study was conceived as an experimental group design with a cause-effect approach. The study used the quantitative approach with structured questionnaires that have been tested and validated through multinational and regional organizations and institutions. 924 students were randomly selected from eight secondary schools in one region of Cameroon. and used as the primary sample. Structured questionnaires were used to elicit data. The collected data was analysed using JAMOVI. The analysis was dependent on descriptive statistics. The study’s findings show high levels of sexual violence against both genders, with the males, more affected, by high levels of different forms of violence and poor school quality. This situation reduces schools to arenas of illicit sexual activities thereby compromising the learning and social justice for the students. In perspective, therefore, a lot of research needs to be undertaken to unravel such a teeming quagmire.

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