Technologies and Distance Education with Focus on Teacher Training

Anair Altoe, Aldevino Ribeiro da Silva, Luciano Gonsalves Costa, Neusa ltoe, Heliana da Silva


The microelectronics revolution in the twentieth century and the evolution of the profile of Information Technologies and Communication require a teacher able to adapt to a changing world. The simple proposition of using technology in school, with the goal of making teaching innovative, is naive. Teachers need to be trained competently in order to open paths in the construction of their own knowledge and creativity. Therefore, researching the fundamentals of distance education to build a path that allows the university community to access the achievements of this type of education in the initial and continuing training of teachers from the State University of Maringá (UEM) is the challenge before us. For this, we proposed systematic study along with institutional projects to identify activities developed in distance education that make it possible to analyze the proposed teacher education projects developed, identifying actions that enable the initial and continuing training of the teacher within development of the course in the modality of Distance Education (DE).

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