Effects of Work-Life Balance on Organizational Commitment: A Study in China’s State-Owned Enterprise

Yan Li


Work-life balance is a heavily researched area of interest focusing on how well employee’s work and personal life are balanced. As there is still a lack of literature on work-life balance in China’s context, our research attempts to explore in depth the topic. This paper explores the effects of employee work-life balance on organizational commitment in China’s context. Questionnaire was used to collect data in a state-owned enterprise and the sample size was 363. Quantitative research method was used for data analysis. This study finds that work-life balance is significantly and positively linked to organizational commitment in China’s context. Also, employee work-life balance is correlated with demographic and occupational factors. As the findings indicate that work-life balance can contribute to positive organizational outcomes, we suggest China’s organizations to attach more emphasis on employee work-life balance and take initiatives to help employee balance their work and personal life.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v5n2p144


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