The Characteristics of Selected Topics and Content Innovation of Core Textbooks for English Teacher Training—Taking the New Century Teacher Training English Textbook Series as an Example

Zhang Juan, Zhong Fangfang


Teacher education is related to the future talent training of the country and has far-reaching significance. Teacher-training students majoring in English not only need to learn English well but also need to learn how to teach English. Therefore, teacher-training English majors should emphasize the cultivation of English subjects and teaching ability, which should not be limited to either language learning or teaching skills. At present, all levels and types of education attach great importance to the role of teaching materials, and education for future teachers is no exception. It can be said that the quality and level of teaching materials are directly related to teachers’ teaching and students’ learning, and directly related to the quality and specifications of talent training. The article takes the series of textbooks—“English for Teachers in the New Century”—published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press as an example. From the perspective of the characteristics of the selected topics and content innovation, it discusses the feathers of “teacher training” and “political thinking” of the core curriculum textbooks for English teacher training. Also, some scientific suggestions will be made to help teachers penetrate the concept of teacher education while cultivating students’ language abilities.

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