The Impact of Extroversion and Introversion on Iranian EFL Learners Grammar

Hossein Rezaee, Rana Moradkhani


The way we learn is affected by our personality. Regarding the significant role of different personality types in language learning in general and mastering L2 grammar in particular, the present study investigated the impact of extrovert/introvert personality types of Iranian EFL learners in grammar learning. It was hypothesized that in an EFL situation, extroverted students would attain a higher proficiency in English. An additional aim was to find out whether there is a significant effect of gender differences’ extroversion/ introversion on their grammar ability. Therefore, 220 high school students took a standardized English test, completed a personality questionnaire and provided information on a bio data form. The collected data were analyzed by Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Distribution was conducted for evaluating extraverts and introverts’ grammar with respect to their gender differences. The main finding was extroversion vs. introversion has no significant impact in grammar learning. Moreover, there was no significant effect of gender differences’ extraverts/introverts on their grammar proficiency. The results revealed that both extraverts and introverts have the capability to be proficient in English grammar.

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