Establishing Functions of Myth Through the Lenses of Euhemerism: Achebe’s Arrow of God in Focus

Alhassan Yakubu, Mohammed HabibSibaway, Oparebea Nelson


This article discusses the functions of myth in Achebe’s Arrow of Gods using Euhemerism as a reality measuring stick. The article considers the form and nature of myth through what it calls definition of perspectives. Using this definition of perspectives, the paper considers the myth-ritual perspective, the structural approach perspective and the functional approach perspectives in defining myth. Having established that Euhemerism is the believe that the gods are men deified for their good deeds , and that Africans believe they can speak and seek assistance from their dead ancestors , the article postulates four different functions the gods can perform. The paper argues that the gods are capable of protecting our forest and water bodies as well as be able to ensure peace and unity between and among people in a community. It further opines that not only do the gods have healing powers, and that the Priests serve as medical doctorsin the African traditional communities, they equally ensure prosperity for the people who believe in them.

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