The Effectiveness of Classroom Exercises in the Teaching and Learning of Creative Writing in Tertiary Institutions

Acheoah John Emike, Zainab Abdulkarim


This study investigates the effectiveness of classroom exercises in the teaching and learning of Creative Writing in tertiary institutions. The exercises presented in this study are restricted to the three basic genres of literature: drama, prose and poetry. In contemporary scholarship, Creative Writing is part of the curriculum of tertiary education. Creative Writing programmes continue to develop in different parts of the world, with emphasis on workshops which promote the acquisition of the craft through different pedagogical approaches. The thrust of such approaches is that creative writing courses can be significantly assessed to measure individualistic progress of the learners. Creative Writing exercises test and evaluate discrete skills in the course. Hinging on the Non-traditional Academic Approach which posits that evaluation is crucial in the teaching and learning of Creative Writing, this study concludes that classroom exercises are potent instruments for teaching and learning Creative Writing in tertiary institutions.

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