Study on the Design of Writing Activities for the Integrative Review of High School English Units Based on the “Large Unit” Mode

Xiaomei Shi


The “large unit, overall context and major task” teaching mode marks the transformation of English teaching. Under the new situation of cultural conflicts, integration and innovation, the establishment of English learning task groups with English core competence as the guideline and students’ English practice as the focus is an innovative teaching mode to meet the demands of the times, namely “influencing people through culture and cultivating people via learning”. Applying the teaching mode of “large unit, overall context and major task” to the writing teaching can enrich the text contents and imbue teaching with poetic charm. Taking “Cultural Relics: Topic Writing Based on Modular Review” in the reading section in Unit 1 of Oxford High School English Book 2 as an example, this paper introduces how the teacher presents the topic writing method through the examples in the textbook, which takes the textbook as the foundation, focuses on the contents of the whole unit, and transcends the text by secondary processing, and finally generates the materials required in teaching. This method aims to encourage students to learn from words to sentences and then to paragraphs by way of gradation and progress with tiered difficulty. Text processing based on profound understanding strengthens students’ impression and memory, displaying a new teaching perspective for the writing.

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