Significance of Intercultural Interdisciplinary Projects for the Future Career of University Graduates

Elena A. Makarova


In the 21st century, interdisciplinary research has become a part of modern life. The world surrounding us is interdisciplinary in nature, so scientists have to use methods and insights of several established disciplines to broaden their research area and to find an answer to the problems posed for them. Interdisciplinarity is a good word to describe scholars and researchers’ combining efforts to solve problems in each separate independent academic field. This process involves University students and teachers, too. Students who are going to build their successful careers should know much more than their major. They have to make decisions and solve problems in their professional life, both of these skills demand knowledge of more than one or two single subjects. It can also be applied to complex subjects that can only be understood and investigated by combining the perspectives of two or more scientific disciplines. In professional education, in addition to core courses taught by educational studies faculty, interdisciplinary projects are offered in order to overcome the traditional barriers between sciences and to get practical results. Hence is the significance of interdisciplinary knowledge for the career of University graduates who are going to work in the 21st century.

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