Research on the Integrated Practical Teaching Model of Cross-border E-commerce Professional Knowledge and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Zhou Jun, Su Chao-Yan, Wu Feng


The development of cross-border e-commerce has stimulated a growing interest in related education. In response to this trend, a practical teaching approach that merges cross-border e-commerce expertise with innovation and entrepreneurship education has arisen and gained widespread traction. This innovative approach emphasizes the cultivation of students’ innovation skills and entrepreneurial ability through task-driven teaching that integrates professional knowledge and practical training. By participating in enterprise operations and completing assignments, students are able to master both theoretical knowledge and professional skills. This paper aims to explore the effectiveness of the task-driven teaching method in the integrated practical teaching of cross-border e-commerce and innovation and entrepreneurship. Practical suggestions for teaching reform in cross-border e-commerce are provided to meet the needs of application-oriented undergraduate colleges and to cultivate the application skills that enterprises require.

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