I, You and the Others, among Otherness, Diversity and Education

José Manuel Salum Tomé, PhD.


When one thinks of the other and the other, they are not due to the sameness of power and hegemonies, and that this other is identified as a face, there remains the possibility of guiding behavior or ethics, along the paths of diversity, understood This is like the discovery of diversity and otherness in education, which are the most appropriate ways to understand that one’s own autonomy is in debt, under the figure of a hostage. Humanity has embarked on a path that has no possible reserve and this consists of opening, via postmodernity, a type of thought that is capable of generating recognition scenarios for what is different, as a discovery that greatly benefits everyone. Proposing that otherness is the basis on which diversity is built is already then an open path in education and to be followed that makes life have more meaning through the ethical recognition of the other and of the other who will accompany me in a path of history

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fet.v6n2p89


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