Making it RAIN: Using Remotely Accessible Instruments in Nanotechnology to Enhance High School Science Courses

Ashley Min, Jared Ashcroft, Joel Monroy, Vanessa Wolf, Christina Lee, Josee Horton, Robert Ehrmann, Brandon Rodriguez


The Remotely Accessible Instruments in Nanotechnology (RAIN) Network is a conglomerate of nineteen community colleges, four-year universities and high school sites that aims to enhance STEM learning by bringing advanced technologies to K-12 education. RAIN provides free remote access to instruments such as Scanning Electron, Atomic Force and Transmission Electron Microscopes, as well as Energy Dispersive and Infrared Spectroscopy. The following is a variety of experiments and an empirical formula lab that can be performed in a high school physical science or chemistry classroom that utilizes the RAIN Network.

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