Problem-oriented Method Selection: Approaches to Dealing with Ideological Problems among College Students

Xiaojun Su


As ideological and political education workers in universities, we have the historical mission of cultivating college students’ socialist ideology and moral character with Chinese characteristics, shaping college students’ ideal personality with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and guiding them to practice socialist behavior in the new era. This requires ideological and political education workers in universities to have ideals, a correct view of life, and patience. We need to do our work carefully and solidly, and ensure that our daily work is in place. We should also be good at collaborating with ideological and political workers from all walks of life and working together. Universities should strictly enforce discipline, use necessary disciplinary measures in college students’ ideological and political education work (the bottom line of discipline), and cultivate college students’ compliance with laws and regulations. We can improve the education skills of ideological and political education workers through training in ideological and political work skills, etc.

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