Records Management Practices in Research Institutes in South-West, Nigeria

Ayanda, O. T., Oloniruha, E. A., Ogungbade, A. A. (Miss)


This study investigated records management practices in some selected research institutes in Nigeria within the framework of records life-cycle concepts. The primary aim is to explore how research records are managed and find out whether records management as a valuable resource of research institutes receives the desired attention as regards quality practice, level of implementation among others. Using survey research and stratified random sampling techniques, records management practice questionnaire was designed and used to collect data from two hundred and twenty-three respondents that were randomly selected from six out of the fourteen research institute in South-West, Nigeria. The result showed that, research institutes created and managed all types of records predominantly in paper form (68.4%), while the decentralized system of filing was generally practiced in all the research institutes (98%). Although various filing methods, Simple lists were found to be the main tool used for both records control and retrieval. A high level of records insecurity was found (68%), while records generated were managed manually through filing of hard copies in folders and kept in wooden cabinets, metal cabinet and filing shelves. The management of research records were at great variance with the stipulations of the records life-cycle concept and that research records is yet to attain minimal level or records management implementation. This study recommends that records management practice should be adequately funded; recruiting qualified records managers, and embracing the wide range of opportunities offered by ICT for the management of research records.

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