Cyberdependency and School Performance among Students in 3rd Grade of Bingerville High School

DJELLE Opely Patrice-Aime


This study examines the link between cyberdependency and school performance among students in the 3rd grade of the Mamie Houphouët Fêtai High School in Bingerville. It covers a sample of one hundred and ninety (190) female students between the ages of 14 and 17. Students addiction to the Internet and social networks is measured using a questionnaire based on Vavassori et al. (2002) and Young’s Internet Addiction Test in its French version validated by Khazaal (2008). As for academic performance, they are verified using the end-of-term scoring matrices. The results, obtained using student T and Anova, show that students in the third grade using the Internet as teaching tools have higher academic performance than their peers who use it as entertaining instruments. All these different results are explained by the models of Zuckerman (1969) and Viau (1994). Ultimately, this study will inform and raise awareness among students, educational system actors and parents about the risks of excessive use of the Internet and social networks on school learning.

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