The Effect of Parental Tutoring on Student Learning Achievement

Iswan, Siti Khumairoh


Research entitled The Effect of Parental Tutoring on Student Learning Achievement. This research is motivated by the very important role of parents in accompanying their children, the quality of time that parents and children have can be used to build togetherness between family members. Researchers used quantitative survey research methods, with researchers’ data collection methods using questionnaires, interviews and documentation. The sample used was 90 students at Peninggilan I State Elementary School, South Tangerang. Indonesia. The research results obtained in this study are that there is a significant influence between tutoring and student learning achievement. This can be seen from the functional relationship between tutoring (X) and student learning achievement (Y) of grade 4 students at SDN Peninggilin I. South Tangerang. Indonesia for the 2022/2023 academic year in the form of a linear regression equation, namely Y=39.798+0.514X with a correlation coefficient of 0.628 at the level The 5% significance coefficient for the regression direction is 0.514.

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