Research on Demonstration Curriculum-Based Political and Virtuous Awareness Construction of Introduction of International Chinese Language Education Course

Zipeng Zhou, Yunhai Liu


The course Introduction to International Chinese Language Education occupies a central position in the undergraduate curriculum in the major of Chinese International Education, significantly influencing the cultivation of talent in this domain. This research paper systematically examines the present condition of course delivery, discerns the multifaceted factors that contribute to suboptimal teaching outcomes, and utilizes a case study approach, focusing on our university’s exemplary ideological and political education course. The case study provides a comprehensive overview of the course’s role in promoting ideological and political education. It elucidates the strategies and initiatives implemented in the context of ideological and political education development. Drawing on the empirical results derived from curriculum reforms, this study synthesizes a coherent model and a well-defined pathway for curriculum enhancement (365 Model).

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