Exploration and Research on the Construction of Environmental Design Discipline in the Context of Interdisciplinary Studies

Lili Shi, Yingquan Wang


In recent years, in order to thoroughly implement the “National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Plan,” the construction of art colleges has emphasized the characteristics of disciplines and industries. “Integration of Art and Technology” is not only a contemporary design principle but also the direction and essence of modern design talent cultivation. As the demand for talent in the country continues to rise, versatile talents are currently in short supply. This paper explores the research and practice of talent cultivation in the field of environmental design based on the characteristic of “integration of art and engineering,” using the environmental design major at Qingdao Yellow Sea College as an example. With the rapid development of society and continuous technological progress, the traditional single-discipline training model can no longer meet the complex and changing design requirements. Therefore, this study integrates the fields of art and engineering, constructing a new talent cultivation model aimed at nurturing individuals with both artistic creativity and engineering technical capabilities.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fet.v6n4p89


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