Research on the Innovation of English Teaching Mode Based on Artificial Intelligence

Baohan Sheng


This article presents a research on innovative approaches in English language teaching through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The aim is to address the issues found in traditional English language teaching methods by utilizing AI technology. The article begins by identifying the problems in traditional English language teaching and exploring the current applications of AI in education. Then, it specifically discusses the application of AI technology in English language teaching, such as interactive listening training, intelligent error correction and personalized post-class guidance, and cloud-based intelligent English translation teaching. Subsequently, a proposal is put forward to construct a new English language teaching system based on AI technology, including modules for engaging explanations, interactive English assignments, and creating scenarios for cross-cultural communication oral training. Lastly, an evaluation method for assessing the innovation of English language teaching models based on AI is introduced, which includes feedback and perceptions from both teachers and students, as well as an assessment of teaching outcomes. The research findings of this article can provide a more intelligent, personalized, and effective English language teaching approach, thus positively impacting the quality of English language teaching and enhancing students’ interest in learning.

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