The Implementation Approach of Ideological and Political Education in College English Based on the Production-oriented Approach

Xiaomei Su, Min Liu


Based on the “Production-oriented Approach”, this paper takes the textbook “New Horizon College English (Third Edition) Viewing, Listening & Speaking” as the carrier of ideological and political teaching of the course, aiming to investigate how to explore the ideological and political elements of the college English course, and how to combine the college English course with the ideological and political elements to realize the integration of the knowledge system and the value system. Methodologically, this paper conducted questionnaire surveys with 55 non-English majors in an international studies university and carried out a semester-long teaching experiment. The findings reveal that the students have a high degree of acceptance of ideological and political teaching based on the theory of “Production-oriented Approach” (POA) in college English courses. The implementation approach explored in this study is to integrate the “ideological and political education through courses” into college English teaching from the aspects of motivating, enabling, assessing, and ultimately integrating the value shaping, knowledge transfer, and ability cultivation, which not only provides more possible implementation approaches to improve college English teaching quality, but also offers more possibilities for the improvement of college English teaching. This study is expected to provide more useful inspirations and references for ideological and political education in college English courses.

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