An Assessment of Final Year Pre-Service Teachers’ Readiness to Use ICT to Teach: Implication for COVID-19 Education Response

Bernadette Amukahara Joy Egede (Ph.D)


Readiness of teachers to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to teach is currently a significant issue due to its relationship to online teaching/learning which is a global COVID-19 education response. Preparing future teachers to ICT effectively to facilitate variety of online learning modes is a huge challenge for teacher training institutions, especially in developing nations like Nigeria. In this study, the ICT readiness of final year pre-service teachers in the degree programme of College of Education, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria was assessed. The data gathered using a Likert questionnaire was computer-analyzed. The findings suggest that the pre-service teachers were ready with respect to the following indicators.

  • · Awareness and motivation to use ICT to teach.
  • · Confidence to use ICT to teach.
  • · Availability of internet/mobile network facilities in their environments.
  • · They were very ready with respect to perception on the benefits of ICT in teaching and learning.

They did not express readiness in terms of the following indicators.

*Acquisition of adequate knowledge and skills on the use of ICT devices during training.

*Personal ownership of ICT devices (e.g., computers/laptops).

It is therefore recommended that compulsory personal ownership of laptops and relevant ICT devices by pre-service teachers could help them practice and acquire necessary ICT skills more adequately during their training.

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