Application of Flipped Classroom Methodology in Applied Sciences through STEM Exploitation Activities during COVID Pandemic Period

Plageras Antonios, Xenakis Apostolos, Vavougios Dionysios, Kalovrektis Konstantinos


Differentiated instruction is an approach that presupposes the existence of a diverse number of students and their ability to access knowledge provided that a variety of methods and activities is used. Differentiated instruction is a way to incorporate and diagnose the individual needs of every student separately and to create such a learning environment so as to cover all needs. All students are not the same that means that they learn in different ways and at a different pace. Based on this knowledge, differentiated instruction applies an approach both to teaching and learning that offers the students a variety of choices to gain information and better understand the newly acquainted knowledge. Differentiated instruction is a teaching approach based on the principle that all teaching techniques must vary and adapt accordingly in relation to the needs and the various ways of learning on the part of the students with the view of enhancing the understanding of knowledge within the classroom. The model of differentiated instruction proposed requires on the part of the teachers to be flexible in the technique they use and adaptable in the curriculum and in the presentation of the information based on the needs of the students. Based on the idea that change in teaching practices may help overcome the ineffectiveness of the educational systems and their inability to cover the needs of the students, it is considered necessary to examine whether the use of differentiated instruction learning approach could improve the understanding of the students in the fields of applied sciences.

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