Hybrid Learning Here to Stay!

Maurice E. Abi Raad, Hamad. Odhabi


The pursuit of knowledge is a defining factor for the current civilization. Hybrid learning represents an evolution of this pursuit since it involves delivering learning through in-person and remote instruction simultaneously. Hybrid learning is here to stay due to its benefits that facilitate education delivery in modern contexts while focusing on meeting learning objectives. However, it suffers from some drawbacks and shortcomings that impact its adoption. However, through a variety of viable approaches, it is possible to address the said drawbacks and shortcomings and increase the adoption of hybrid learning in the future. Consequently, hybrid learning holds great promise for the future of education as it exploits advancements made in the recent past to meet the needs of learners in a variety of contexts without compromising the attainment of desired objectives.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fet.v4n2p121


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