Hot and Cold Cognition in Hybrid Communication

Euphrosyne Efthimiadou


In the socioprofessional as well as the educational context, hybrid communication has experienced an explosion and exerted strong influence not only on our psychic but also on our physical existence. In this context, cybernetics makes it possible to exploit the mechanism of control and interaction among people in continuous motion. With the integration of digital media in all aspects of human life, the exchange of digital data is continuously spreading without neglecting that these new modes of communication and collaboration can also determine our senses as well as our behavior by exerting influence not only on our perceptions and thoughts but also on our mentality.

On the other hand, human capacities linked to psychomotor factors make it possible to cultivate critical thinking, sense of responsibility and cooperation. However, the risk of disturbances could lead to a gap of psychomotor investment. Above all, it is necessary to take into account social cognition and the role of memory in online interactions and learning techniques with the uses of computer systems, because the memorization of actual experiences becomes profound, if we perceive each situation in a state of strong emotional involvement.

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