NSF Presidential Award Webinar

Dominique Evans-Bye, Mindy Berman, Helen Chun, Alvalyn Lundgren, Steven Oppenheimer


This paper presents a summary of a National Science Foundation Webinar on Supporting Student Research with methods of relevance to applied research applications. This Webinar featured invited Presidential Award (PAESMEM) winners Dominique Evans-Bye and Steve Oppenheimer and showcases selections done by K-12 students that are every bit as good as many from university level research programs. K-12 research is often belittled as not real research but this concept will be negated by reading the applied research presented here. Interesting data on ejecta pattern on Martian crater, adhesion peptides binding to hydroxyapatite, and population dynamics of Collembolans are presented here. Dominique Evans-Bye, a high school teacher, is one of two US Presidential Award winners in the area of student research in science, of hundreds at the university level. This paper will show why she was selected to receive this honor and what other teachers can do to lift the level of student research in their classes.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fet.v5n1p9


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