Oral Didactics in an Actional Approach: Manifesting Emotions and Involving the Limbic System in a Face-to-Face and in a Hybrid Context

Euphrosyne A. Efthimiadou


In oral didactics, the nature of the interactions which are established among the members of the group grant a cognitive, socio-affective and behavioral dimension in order to implement collaborative tasks, linking conviviality and pragmatism. In collaborative distance learning, teachers and learners are able to share experiences as well as new IT tools, while multimodal and open approaches can facilitate exchanges among the participants who put pragmatic learning modes into practice. As a result, the promotion of new training requirements through the adoption of good educational practices, cultivates the knowledge of an action-centred creative potential. Therefore, acting and co-acting in a group’s face-to-face or even in a hybrid context becomes a new challenge for oral learning, since digital media can also condition the sensations but also the behavior of users, a fact which has consequences on the biological and neurological rhythm and psychological life of people involved in the learning process.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fet.v5n4p18


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