Phytochemicals Extraction and Nutraceuticals of Purple Corn

W. Puminat, C. Teangpook


Phytochemicals are naturally formed in plant of corn. Many kinds of flavonoids are the most important plant pigment. Purple corn is extracted with polar and nonpolar solvent and analyzed for flavonoids and antioxidants. The extract residue of purple corn is compared on extraction with various solvent groups. In the designed experiments, conditions of extraction depend on solvent, solvent ratio and evaporation temperature. The residue quantity of purple corn is respectively from extraction with three kinds of solvent such as acetone, chloroform: methanol (3:1) and pentane: hexane (1:1). All residue extract are eluted and with mobile phase and analyzed with diode array detector by HPLC. Anthocyanin, ?-carotene and total tannin of purple corn were taken analysis an average (mean ± SD) in 100 g sample and shown as 198.42 ± 0.33 mg, 175.82 ± 0.17 mg and 273.75 ± 0.33 mg respectively. The efficiency of solvent extraction depends on the polarity of the substances. The extract by acetone can take the highest residue and mixture solvent take a high residue. The different polarities of solvent can make the difference of residue product in the extraction. Improving and development on the changes are useful for the best of raw material and products.

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